For Health Insurance Marketing Organizations

How Health Insurance Marketing Organizations Can Deliver More Value

Producer Advance will help you add more value by providing funds to advance commissions to your producers. Set yourself apart with immediate cash flow that will give you the opportunity to reinvest in your agents’ business, grow their client base, and grow your agency progressively.

Obtaining an advance through our program can help you cover expenses like leads, technology, marketing expansion and more.


The process is fast, simple and transparent, and commissions are paid to the IMO as usual. Producer Advance advances money to the IMO, and the IMO advances commissions to the agent. When future commissions arrive, the IMO pays Producer Advance until the advance is paid off and commissions then revert to the agent.


We don’t buy commissions or renewals. Our program allows the agent and IMO to retain ownership. Another advantage is the process itself. It’s simple, non-invasive, there’s no debt or collateral involved, and there are NO hidden fees. We make it easy, processing your advance within days.

A Partner You Can Trust:

Producer Advance is a creative solution for marketers of insurance products who are faced with the challenge of managing “expense vs. income” while growing their business. We solve that problem by making cash available to producers now, providing an easy and convenient way to leverage growth opportunities today.

Getting Started

All we require is a schedule of sales, and a simple assignment agreement to get you started.

Distribution is key to the success and growth of your organization. Producer Advance knows that the focus of recruiting and retention in an IMO is imperative to business growth. Partnering with us will not only release funds but also release your business’s full potential. Producer Advance is the key to providing marketing organization and brokerage firms with the marketing advantage they need!


Call (800) 372-7292 now to unlock this unique opportunity and service to your producers. Other conditions to funding apply.